About us

COMP Power GmbH was founded in 2009 as an engineering company in Wetzlar, Germany.

COMP Power systems help business and private customers achieve power independence through regenerative power generation, storage and dedicated usage.
Our systems are are reliable, safe, cost effective, versatile in applications and environmentally friendly.

Majority of the population living in developing countries do not have access to grid electricity.
Even most electrified cities still suffer from constant grid outages that can last for several hours if not days.
People have no choice than to use fuel generators, kerosine lamps or candle light for their power requirements.
These power sources pose huge environmental problems, noise, noxious gas emissions , fire risks and huge costs.

With COMP HC Off- and On-grid Lithium ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS), it has become so easy, safe and economical to automatically harness power from solar, grid or gen, store it and deliver on demand reliable electricity to the loads
Anywhere, Anytime and Always.

Customers can go completely off grid with our systems using solar panels.

People living in cities with grid outages, can quickly store power from the grid when it is available and use it to power their loads when the grid is no longer available.

Our All-in-one systems come fully equipped with the batteries, BMS, hybrid inverters, solar charge controllers, UPS and intuitive display panel. Solar panels are optional. Real Plug and Play systems.
The systems are rugged, safe, require minimal space and maintenance and come with a 5 or 2 years battery warranty