Mobile Power Systems

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Mobile Power Systems

Comp AC 200P | COMP HC 400 | COMP HC 1500
COMP Mobile power systems are portable power systems. They offer AC and DC power output ports to match various loads and equipments. All systems can be charged with portable solar panels (optional) or grid.
In the charged state, systems retain the power over a long period without significant loss.


Part No.: 14050510

COMP AC 200P is a powerful mobile and stationary All-in-One Power storage system.
With its powerful inverter of 2000W continous output and a surge capacity of 4800W it can power most of your electrical devices and equipments.

Home/office applications:

Fridge, TV, micro wave oven, Koffee machine, Hair dryer, Fans,
lights, computer, Labtops, phones, Hospilals and clinics. Banks, ATM.
Charging of electrical cars and bicycles.

Mobile/outdoor applications:

Power electrical tools in outdoor work place, Churches, Parties, weddings,
music systems and speakes, camping , construction tools.

Comp AC 200P- Mobile Power


  • 2000W inverter continous power output.
  • 4800W surge capacity
  • 2000Wh powerful and long lasting lithium Phoshate storage battery.
  • Fast charging with 700W solar panels in 3 hrs or with grid in 4hr. System can be charged in about 2,5hr using solar and grid charging simultainously.
  • Multiple AC and DC loads can be powered simultainously .
  • Output USB: 4x USB-A 5V/3A; 1 x 60W USB-C PD Port; 2x wireless charging.
  • Output DC: 2x 12V/3A (5521); 1x 12V/10A; 1x 12V/24A
  • Output AC: 2x AC 230V. Total 2000W continuous load.
  • Solar input: max. 700W solar panels.
  • MMPT voltage input range 35V-150V (max. 12A)
  • AC input voltage: 100 – 240V AC;
  • Max. charging power 500W via adapter. Max. charginging voltage 58.8VDC.
  • Dimension: 420 x 280 x 386mm.
  • Net weight: 27,5Kg
  • Working temperature: 0° – 40°C
  • Display panel with detailed system operational information.

COMP HC 1500

The Mobile power system is portable, compact and come equipped with lithium batteries, BMS, charge controllers,
 powerful inverter, multiple AC and DC output ports. Solar panels are optional.


Homes, apartments, camps, emergency units, schools, universities, churches, clinics, hospitals, etc.


  • Battery capacity 1500Wh
  • Powerful inverter 1000W
  • Weight 17kg
  • Fast charging with solar, grid or car battery
  • LCD panel showing state of charge, AC and DC power input and output, fault report and solution
  • 2x AC output 230V
  • 4x USB output, 5V/2.1A/1,0A
  • 1x USB-C 60W
  • 1x 12V 10A
Comp HC 1500 - Mobile Power Systems